Young Women’s Bible Study

September 5, 2012

This Sunday, I started a Young Women’s Bible Study at the congregation I worship at. For years I’ve pleaded with older women in the church to start a class to teach younger women the ways of God and the calling He has placed on us. But, to no avail I couldn’t get others to see the need and my vision. Unknowingly, God was molding my life to lead the very ministry I was dreaming of.  Tragedy in losing my job, a bad relationship, the death of a close  friend, and SO much more were ways that God showed me how unstable this world is and how unchanging He is. In each circumstance I had to lean harder and harder on Him and less and less on what I thought and what I thought I knew.

After I graduated college I committed myself to reading as much Bible and books inspired by ideas and themes in the Bible as humanly possible. Not only did I want to read, I wanted to study hard. To me, there is a huge difference in reading the Bible and studying it. Sometimes as Christians we fixate on reading but that isn’t enough. Anyone can read but not everyone is disciplined in study. Study requires quiet time and prayer. It requires picking up the Word in three or four different translations to find clarity in a given passage. It requires another person, sometimes, who can help you tear through the meatier parts of scripture. It also requires honesty, on your part, to meet God where He cuts you deepest through scripture.

So, of course, like many I was shocked at what was revealed to me through study. The study of womanhood in the Bible showed me so many things about myself and my past. I was convicted in new ways and challenged what society teaches young women and girls versus what God shows us through His holy Word. Needless to say that I was even more eager to have a class geared towards showing others my findings by the time wasn’t then in 2007,8, or 9.

In 2009 though, I started to created Bible studies. I know, it may be weird to create studies when you have no students but I did it anyways. I decided to step out on faith. I did it because after years of prayer and study I felt convicted in my heart by the Holy Spirit that God would use me in some way, sooner or later, for this ministry. Well, look at the hand of God now. I’m using SO much of that material with these girls! It’s so amazing to see. I was the only woman in my 20’s in the congregation I attend because its a “plant work” (which means a newly started congregation) but now there are 8 of us! Many of the topics I studied alone in tears in my room are the very topics they’re asking to study!

If you’re wondering how God will use your dream take this small bit of advice to heart: do NOT worry. Pray for the proper time to come full circle and in the mean time work for God and study His Word. Had I not taken the opportunity that God have me to study personally I would not be equipped for this job. I wouldn’t have been prepared for leadership and I would not have had the disciplined necessary to study and read the Bible before presenting it to others. Part of God’s greatness lies within His provisions. He is a great provider. God provided me with a dream to have a young women’s ministry but He also provided me with many trials to build my faith and hunger for His truth. There’s nothing better than that! And looking back on the years it took to get me here shows me that God gave me what many lack and what everyone needs and that’s time.

Praise God for ministry, fellowship, His Word, and this class. I’ll be posting from time to time about my class, what I’m teaching, and what we’re doing. I really have an amazing group of women who are an encouragement to and such an asset to the Kingdom of God. I’m just so blessed that God selected me to be a vessel in their lives!

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11


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