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September 23, 2010

I have always been a book reader. I got my first library card at 4 years old and from that moment up until the present I’ve been entralled with books. Some Saturdays I wake up with an insatiable desire to been in a bookstore. So I pack a bag and make my way to Barnes and Nobles or a used bookstore and I sit in the aisles with book sprawled around me. I feel the leather board covers, the paperbacks, and the sleeves of the hard covers. I smell the pages as I flip through them and I always, always, read the “About the Author” page. The fascination is entralling.

My amazingly fabulous and brillant professor sent out a resource guide that is to die for!!! There are small bookstores from NYC to CT, little poetry and writing cafes, and a list of books in this 8 page document. Can we say I was in LOVE! I’ve gone over it so many time and I’m currently mapping out a day I can map out a trip to NYC to tackle a few places that caught my eye.

I feel like Im traveling backwards…I feel in love with books and now I’m falling in love with creating books! It’s a beautiful and blissful journey to know this kinda of love, TWICE <3

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