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Water For Elephants

March 25, 2011

After watching the movie trailer of Water for Elephants I logged into (my GO to e-store for books) to see what the reviews were for the book. I knew that this book kept calling me from the NewYorkTimes Bestseller list (that I religiously read and review) but for some reason, the cover never made me want to look at it more closely. So I would always skip over it telling myself that I’ve never really been into circus books anyway. But with the movie clip being so provocative, so colorful, and so passionate I knew I needed to buy the book and put my apprtehensions aside.  I’m only on page 7, yes I said it 7, and I’m obsessed! The language of this novel is riveting! The characterization thus far, is so poignant and precise digging  cavities into my mind where I know the future of this plot will rest! I’ve decided to read this book once through as a reader before I go back reread it from a writer’s point of view but I’ve already found that it’s going to be hard to keep to this commitment. I’ve already begun rereading paragraphs and pages in awe of Sara Gruen’s style. I can’t wait to give my final reviews on this written treasure.

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