To Be Praised Ministries: A Dinner Devotional

July 19, 2015

I decided, in the 4th quarter of 2014 that I would dedicate all of 2015 to living out my dreams. There’s literally no better time than now, and while that sounds completely cliché it’s also completely true.

To Be Praised Ministries, is a growing organization I formally started in 2014, focused on the spiritual and leadership development of women. Right now, there are 4 countries and 12 states represented on the weekly email campaigns. (If you haven’t signed up, use the link below!) Each week, I email a devotional about a topic pertaining to our spiritual livelihood. The point is, we study God’s Word together as women and grow in the likeness of Christ. Our digital community is growing and it’s a blessing. A community is a beautiful thing and the community of women in faith is even more beautiful!

This dinner devotional is the FIRST official dinner devotional I’ve hosted under the To Be Praised Ministries brand. While international ministry is important, I’m also eager to build community with women in person. I’m excited to have reached my goal of 20 women who have committed to attend. We will have food, fun, fellowship and then step into the Word together and get a jump start on the Bible study series, “An Appointed Time”, which will launch in September!

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God loves you & I love you! Blessings! Stay UP!


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