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“The Subway” Published!

November 4, 2014

One of the poems from my thesis was published this weekend by a fabulous website, “Woman Around Town”. I wrote this poem while thinking about all the wealth and privilege within my hometown Bridgeport, CT.  To the shock of some and to the dismay of others, Bridgeport does have wealthy residents and there are also very poor destitute people who reside in the city as well. Like most cities, Bridgeport is complicated in a beautiful and challenging way. It’s polarized politically, economically and yet the I’m drawn to it every day. 

The opening line of the poem is my offering to myself and to you.. “we all hunger. we all thirst”.

…we all hunger and thirst for something, but life isn’t in what we lack. Life is about what we give to fill another’s lack. 


“Thank you” to the wonderful staff at Woman Around Town. Your submission process is seamless. 


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