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The Kite Runner

August 27, 2011

“For you a thousand times over…”  These words have haunted me for every day since I read them. There are books we read for fun, we use them as an escape from the reality that has become too burdensome for us to bare. So we retreat to characters, places, and images that provoke our senses to imagine more than what we experience. But The Kite Runner is a book that changes us, forever. The plots and themes are so poignant that we become the characters; Their pain, sufferings, triumphs, and their fears.  Written by Khaled Hosseini, the Kite Runner, comes to us by way Afghan culture. Upon first glance  one unfamiliar with the culture may doubt that there would be any similarities between themselves and the characters within the novel. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is Hosseini does an excellent job of weaving together human experience within the lives of his characters who are proud of their country, their culture, and their people. Hosseini strategically unveiled a novel that could be submerged within any modern day society because it is not the Afghan culture that resonates with the reader but rather the human experience in its most raw form. Redemption, deceit, fear, and hope are woven together like threads in a quilt and this is a book, that I pomise, will blanket your heart and mind forever.

Enjoy & Happy Reading!

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