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July 5, 2011

I asked my followers on Twitter to tell me what they’re reading this summer and I got some great responses! (One of the books I’ll be adding to my list came from an Atlanta resident, Desha, who’s a remarkable father, web designer, and friend! But his recommendation will come later….wait for it! It’s a goodie!)It wasn’t long after that, that one of my followers asked me what I was reading this summer. That’s when I realized it only made sense to create my own Summer Reading List! I’m going to do this unconventionally because I don’t want to create a list and leave it at that. I know that’s the flavor of most reading lists (and I have NOTHING against that) but if you don’t know by now, I like to be different.  I also like interaction, so I thought that the best way for me to showcase the books I’m reading is to showcase them as I’m reading them.

With that said, the first book on my Summer Readers List is………


I know this book was published in 2007 but I’ve never read it. I wanted to read it immediately after I read the Kite Runner but my course work took priority. There are a few reasons I admire Khaled Hosseini but most importantly I’m in awe of his ability to write about his culture so precisely and how he went from being a doctor to a writer!

My UConn career started with one step in the direction of being a pediatrician. Shortly after the year began I realized that my heart was in love with writing far more than my brain was ever interested in genetics and anatomy. I got away from Biology and Chemistry as quickly as possible and enrolled in the English Department to begin my course work with English as my major. I know, I’ve heard it time and time again “you so could have been a doctor”. And I’m sure I could have but it wasn’t my PASSION. There’s a huge difference between doing something and loving what you do. When I read a brief biography about Hosseini I was happy to see that he picked being a doctor and a writer. Some people can do both while others can do one and be just as successful and happy.

I’d love for any, or all, of my blog followers to read A Thousand Splendid Suns if not, feel free to check in with me as I give updates as I read.


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