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Summer Reading List 2013

June 19, 2013


  1. And The Mountains Echoed I felt my life shatter when I read “The Kite Runner”. I felt the earth move when I read “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. I don’t know what to expect with this book. I don’t know what will be altered but, I know something will change. I will change. Great authors have a way of twisting our expectations and leaving us to question who we are, what we are, and where we think we’re going. I know that something in me will echo when I finish this book, I hope I am ready for it.
  2. Mended: Pieces of a life made whole I love books that dive into scripture. I keep seeing this book on religious blogs and spiritual book clubs “must read” list so I’m going to follow suit and read it myself! I read another book by Angie Smith called “What Women Fear” and it was amazinggg. I have total faith that this will be as well.
  3. Life On MarsHands down one of the best books of poetry I’ve ever read. Read it already and will absolutely read it again. You should follow my lead on this, even if you’re not “into” poetry. I promise you’ll be into this.
  4. Runaway I’ve never read an Alice Munro book. (Shameful I know) But, I asked someone who’s a huge fan of her to refer me to their favorite Alice book and this was it. It’s’ a collection of short stories that you can pick up in between other books if you’d like!
  5. The Artist’s Way — This was referred to me and I’m going to start reading this in July. I think I may have a grip on my “artistry”  and I think now that I’ve graduated I definitely have a clearer vision of what type of writer and artist I want to be but, it’s always to good to study craft. As I evolve as a woman, I evolve as a writer and I’m confident that I  have the say-so in my journey. Me and only me. I’m sure this book will confirm that.
  6. Salvage Bones–I was given this book in May and I’m excited to read it because I’m been looking at it creep lower and lower on my Amazon wish list. Now that I have it in hand it’s a perfect reason to read it!!! And I will. I obsessed about Hurricane Katrina when it was in the news. I sat in my bed crying for people I didn’t know personally but felt I knew in my heart. I love so many texts that discuss the storm that changed history. I hope I love this one too!

Happy reading everyone! And message me if you read some or all of these! I’d love to hear from you!


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