Still I Rise: My Tribute To Maya Angelou

May 28, 2014

I nearly weep as I look back at the memory of myself in an auditorium full of eager people–the chatter buzzing as we all anticipated seeing & hearing THE Dr. Maya Angelou. I was 18 and I had walked to the auditorium in the cold with $10 to my name. It was just enough to buy a ticket to get in. My spirit was broken because I was at a crossroads–I secretly wanted to write and my parents wanted me to be doctor. As I listened to Dr. Maya Angelou give her speech that night, about following your rainbow in the sky, I wept. For the duration of that speech, I knew I needed to heed her advice regardless of how scared I was.

And so I mourn today the woman, the activist, the performer, and my greatest muse.

Dr. Maya Angelou, because of you I am a phenomenal woman & my inner poet owes you everything. I render your words back to you: “I loved you IN & OUT of time.”

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