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Spring Reading: My Voice

May 23, 2016


Like most babies of the 80’s and kids of the 90’s who grew up in the tri-state area, it’s difficult to segment my love for Angie Martinez from my love for hip-hop.

Why? Simple. I learned hip-hop from Angie. I listened to her on the radio every day for years. She has interviewed all of my favorite artists with such audaciousness and confidence. I heard her review albums, critique rappers and get NYC, NJ, and CT to argue over diss records.

In every way, Angie Martinez has epitomized the essence of hip-hop culture. She is a hungry, purpose-driven, calculated (in a good way) and a unique voice that is very sure of itself. In some parts of the world, women are still silenced and that makes me wish every young girl could experience the voice of Angie Martinez the way I did growing up. The voice that reminds us as women there are no clear lines for where we “should” be or what we “should” say. The voice that speaks to us from a niche it carved out on its own through consistency and determination. The voice that makes you wish you were there, but in so many subtle ways pushes you to cultivate your own space right where you are.

I’m so excited to read the stories behind the interviews I still obsess over at cookouts with my cousins or during long drives with my brother. This is such an iconic moment for every hip-hop lover. Let’s give “The Voice of New York” our attention.


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