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November 7, 2011

I’m so honored to be opening up the November 15th Poetry reading at Manhattanville College!! The event will take place in the East Library at the Reid Hall, a beautiful castle that has been preserved since 1864. I love events at Reid Hall because there’s a magical air that quietly bounces off the old wooden walls and gently across the marble floors.

I’ll be reading with Mark Nowak, the new graduate director of  the writing program at Mville where I’m currently in pursuit of master degree. Mark is a phenomenal poet and his works highlight working class individuals in the United States and globally. You can check his blog for details on his latest efforts in writing, where his upcoming events will be held, and more!

During Fall Writer’s Weekend I took  a Poetry workshop with Mark and from that rigorous weekend of poetry prompts, library research, and pushing myself I produced a few poems I’ll be reading for this event. I’m nervous but excited to share some of my work that deals personally with my hometown, Bridgeport, CT.

Please come out to Manhattanville College Novemeber 15th @ 7PM for this reading! It’s free and these events in the castle are always a fun and fabulously good time!!



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