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Poetry Reading Recap

December 29, 2011

I want to thank EVERYONE who came out to the Poetry Reading I was asked to be apart of with Mark Nowak, Director of the Graduate Writing program at Manhattanville College. I also want to thank all of you who were an encouragement to me through your words, texts, calls, emails, and correspondence via Facebook.



Here’s a TINY recap of the night!



This was when my beloved mother snapped a picture of me reciting the poems I would perform in the cafe on campus. I managed a quick smile but I was completely NERVOUS at this point for two reasons: I was minutes away from performing and I was anxious for my dad to meet us on campus. Turned out that he beat us there so my stress in that area was pointless. Thanks dad!













This is an empty podium. It may seem odd to have a picture of this but it reminds me
of what my role is: to fill up emptiness and void where it exists.









The next picture is me, 100%. Previous to this picture being taken
I made my way down to the opposite end of the castle, recited the poems
out loud, said a prayer out loud, and told myself it was showtime!
I don’t believe in emotions taking over you, especially when they are
negative ones so I had to put the nerves away and displace the fear I had
that something would go wrong because realistically I knew that this moment
was my moment and I couldn’t let anything, even myself, ruin it. Once I soaked that in, I was all smiles!














And showtime it was! There I am trying hard to look LEGIT. I think I did well.














Here’s the last picture of me and Mark after we shared our poems and had a Q&A
with the wonderful audience that came out to support us.











Again, thank you ALL for being amazing supporters of my life, my craft, and my journey as a writer!



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