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March 9, 2011

Without any hesitation I signed up for Spring ‘11 semester knowing that I wanted to take Editing and Production and Poetry. I had my eyes set on the Graduate Assistanships that would be offered: Editor in Chief, Fiction Editor, and Poetry Editor. It’s my natural inclination, in every facet of my life, to pursue the greater challenges and for this opportunity, it was no different.

So I’ve been working hard, I’ve taken techniques from Elizabeth Bishop (a poet I first experienced at UConn), I’ve used imagery like Mary Oliver (one who’s use of words is utterly astounding), and I’ve pushed my ear to become sharper in the natural flow I’ve come possess. The fruits of my labor have been so sweet!  I have been producing more poems than I ever have and they aren’t just poems they are poems of quality. They’re poems that mean a lot to me as I write it and they mean even more as I allow time to slip between the penned words and phrases and my editorial hand. They are poems of substance.

In the midst of my labor and diligence I received a phone call from the current Fiction Editor, Tanya. She and I met last semester, thanks to my Intro to Creative Writing professor, and instantly we clicked! She asked me if I wanted to read manuscripts for Manhattanville College’s literary magazine Inkwell and its obvious that I said yes! So this time, when Tanya pulled me into the Writer’s Office, I was wondering what she had up her sleeve this time. I wasn’t expecting her to tell me that she had a conversation with the Director of our program and they wanted to offer me the Poetry Editor position for Inkwell. I wasn’t expecting that at all! But I’m thankful the things went that way.

There are times where God’s will meets us right in the midst of our diligence and discipline and that becomes the spark that ignites the first flames of opportunity. In Mrs. Clinkscales fourth grade, when I FIRST heard of an Editor, I imagined myself with that job in New York City. Over 15 years later, I’ll be living the dream in NY and for that I’m forever thankful. Hard work does pay off every day, just be patient!

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