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June 18, 2011

I love being apart of a literary magazine for so many different reasons. There’s always the excitement you get when you’re reading a piece that reminds you that there is still vibrancy in literature despite the ills of commercialization. There’s also the craze of submission and production deadlines that fuels every energetic bone in my body! But right now, I’m driven by the latest and newest undertaking and that is online submissions!

I spent a year being a reader for Fiction and the stacks of paper submissions in our office flooded draws, cabinets, and the floor. It was UNreal! Thankfully we got through it all and we have unveiled the Spring 2011 Issue of Inkwell and it’s beautifully done! It truly is one of our best issues and I say that honestly so pick up a copy. But as we continue to raise the bar on our own standards we want to do that in unison with what the rest of the literary world is doing. So August 1st we will be taking online submissions. I’m so excited to be apart of this transition because it’s history in the making for our literary magazine and for literary magazines everywhere!

With the shift in technological advancement it’s a beautiful thing to know that writing is NOT dead but really it’s more alive than ever. May the community of writers continue to change with the times!


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