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February 5, 2013

I made a pact with myself recently; I’m not allowed to read any fiction until my manuscript is finished. This is a huge challenge for me considering Fiction is my go-to genre when I’m looking for a good read. But, I know this is a sacrifice I have to make. I’m trying to get motivated in the right direction for this manuscript and I have a list of poetry books that I admire to help me do so. But, as the stack of chapbooks on my desk and in my bookcase grew I started craving a larger book to get into. My “wish list” of books on Amazon is eternal but, I decided to go through it, page by page, to find something amazing, something non-fiction, something that could inspire me during this season of writing. And there it was, “Behind the Beautiful Forevers”  by Katherine Boo. I remember when the National Book Awards were announced last year and I quickly read up on each winner. “Behind the Beautiful Forevers” seemed like a book I would love! Anything that has to do with class struggles, poverty, cities, life, and death I read and that’s how it ended up on my “wish list”. I had a gift card for Barnes and Nobles that I was saving for the perfect moment and what was more perfect that picking this book up and only having to pay $1 out of pocket?! The cover of this book is such a work of art and the title is so ironic and provocative, I can’t wait to see where this book takes me. Check here for an interview with Katherine Boo and if you want to read along with me, here are some discussion questions/thoughts on the book.   Happy reading to you all!!

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