International Women’s Day

March 10, 2011

When you log into Google today you see a beautiful image that reflects the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day! 100 years? Phenomenal.

Twitter and Google were buzzing all day with hash tags and searches centered around women everywhere! I was happy to see men participating in this as well. That just shows the leaps we have taken as women and the barriers that we are breaking down every day!

After God created Adam, He realized that there was NOTHING in creation suitable for him so He put Adam to sleep, a deep sleep. And extracted from him a bone that would be fashioned into a woman, the first woman, Eve. Reading that story always gives me a great sense of purpose, pride, and joy. God made Adam from DIRT! But Eve was created from creation and yet her form, like ours today, was completely new! How is that possible? Because God fashioned her, He took time with her so that when she was presented to man she would be perfect! How amazing and sweet is that!?

There are some women that live under extreme hardships in conditions that are no reflected of the perfect Eden. Their lives are clouded by hate, disrespect, abuse, fear, poverty, and a lack of education. But what I want every woman (and man) to know is that is NOT the plan of God. God created women as the final part of creation. We were the last piece of perfection. And that doesn’t by any means equate to where we stand in the eye sight of God. He saved the best for last! We weren’t placed in society before anything was created. We, through Eve, opened our eyes to a world that was completed by our very presence.

So if you’re a woman, reading this, feel proud of what God has created you to be! You are important, special, beautiful, and FULL of purpose far vaster than your physical attributes. So celebrate today, tomorrow, and always the woman that you are!

Click the following link to find AMAZING non-profit organizations that support women all around the world! : http://www.google.com/events/iwd2011/#tab2

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