International Woman’s Day

March 8, 2012

I salute EVERY woman that has graced the surface of this Earth from the mother of us all, Eve, to the baby girl that was born somewhere near or far in the last few seconds. As women, we house within our wombs the hope of the future. We hold within our hands the agents that can mend the shattered hearts of others and even ourselves. We see the tender, intimate, poignant emotions with the precision of our eyes. Our legs often travel dark lonely roads that lead to the glory of wisdom. In every curve of our hips, lips, and chest we are found beautiful because we are still one of God’s most majestic pieces of art. So on that note:


Thankfully, there is a day designated to acknowledge women! While I believe every day women should be honored and uplifted (whether you do it for yourself or someone does it for you) I also feel strongly about the public acknowledgement of women. I want to take the opportunity to thank every woman in my life for what they have done for me so that I can enjoy the freedoms I have as a woman and so that I can continue to bask in the grace of womanhood.

My mother has been the woman I always wanted to be. She is beautiful, confident, poised, intelligent, honest, sensitive, caring, encouraging, funny, and a lover everything placed in her path. I remember as a child being in awe of her as I watched her apply her makeup perfectly. I would watch her cook wishing I could whip around the kitchen as effortlessly as she did. As a child I wanted to morph myself into her and be as radiant as she was to everyone in my family. I thank her in the great and small moments of my life for her ability to be the example and definition of a woman. She trained me through her presence that the strength and beauty of a woman comes from God and love. I have used those two things to allow me to travel the great distance of my destiny. I love her for being the woman of my dreams but thanks be to God I have been blessed to have her also as the woman of my reality.

To my woman friends: I truly love you ALL. I cannot name you all here but I will say this, I am encouraged by every one of you. Some of you are mothers, some of you hold dual degrees, some of you have traveled to foreign countries to spread God’s Word, some of you are wives, some of you I have wept with, some I have laughed with, some I have shared my fears with. Some I have worked out with, some I have shared hobbies with. Some of you are educators some of you are eternal learners. Some of you are comedians!! (lol) Some of you are aunts, sisters, cousins, daughters.  But all of you have helped me push when I felt I couldn’t push anymore and all of you have helped me define and redefine myself into the woman who is typing this blog!






When I look at everything I do, I know that I do it for the girls younger than me so they can learn a greater way and the women beside me, the women who are my peers. My greatness lies in your hands because I want you to have that part of me, always. I want my life to be an example that with God all things are possible. I salute you all not only today but forever! You are GREAT!! Please do not feel less than great! Remember your calling. Remember that even in the perfect garden of Eden God said that He saw NOTHING suitable for Adam and He put Adam to sleep to create from him a woman who would change everything.  So keep being the change! Keep being the helper! Keep loving! Keep your head in the clouds! Be the light, the sun, the love, the hope this world needs! In you lies the purpose of God. Seek it, seek Him, and celebrate all that you find.


I love you!!




I am a poet, so I give you one of the greats today, Ms. Maya Angelou and her famous poem “Phenomeonal Woman”:




Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.


I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size


But when I start to tell them,


They think I’m telling lies.


I say,


It’s in the reach of my arms,


The span of my hips,


The stride of my step,


The curl of my lips.


I’m a woman




Phenomenal woman,


That’s me.

I walk into a room


Just as cool as you please,


And to a man,


The fellows stand or


Fall down on their knees.


Then they swarm around me,


A hive of honey bees.


I say,


It’s the fire in my eyes,


And the flash of my teeth,


The swing in my waist,


And the joy in my feet.


I’m a woman



Phenomenal woman,


That’s me.

Men themselves have wondered


What they see in me.


They try so much


But they can’t touch


My inner mystery.


When I try to show them,


They say they still can’t see.


I say,


It’s in the arch of my back,


The sun of my smile,


The ride of my breasts,


The grace of my style.


I’m a woman




Phenomenal woman,


That’s me.

Now you understand


Just why my head’s not bowed.


I don’t shout or jump about


Or have to talk real loud.


When you see me passing,


It ought to make you proud.


I say,


It’s in the click of my heels,


The bend of my hair,


the palm of my hand,


The need for my care.


’Cause I’m a woman




Phenomenal woman,


That’s me.


Maya Angelou, “Phenomenal Woman” from And Still I Rise. Copyright © 1978 by Maya Angelou. Used by permission of Random House, Inc.

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