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Hello world!

May 4, 2010

Hey all!

There’s great news and I have to share it with the world…MY FIRST ARTICLE IS BEING PUBLISHED!! How awesome! I’m so excited and beyond thankful for not only the gift of writing but the recognition I’ve been given. The magazine is a small christian publication based in California called Power for Today. I wasn’t looking for the opportunity to submit anything! Lately I’ve just been focusing on living life to the maximum so that when the time came I’d be able to write from the heart. But God is good and He knows my heart and talents far deeper than I ever will so He sent someone to encourage me in the most gentle way.

I met a woman at one of the churches of Christ Ladies Day and I mentioned to her my passion for writing. I told her about the Scripture of the Week emails that I send out and she immediately suggested I send get in contact with the editor of Power for Today. But God knows that I often can put things on the back burner because life is so demanding so He laid it on the woman’s heart to do all the leg work; she mailed me a copy of the magazine and a letter between herself and the editor suggesting that I become apart of their efforts. I graciously accepted her recommendation and submitted an article.

One of my goals was to have something published by the age of 25, thank God I have been blessed with this accomplishment.

Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

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