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August 27, 2010

Somewhere between dreams unveiled by the call of darkness and the consciousness illuminated by the rising of the sun each day, my inner most desires became reality, truth, and all that I know now. I am thankful for the seasons for they remind me that those who have been given human form are not exempt from change. We like the big oak trees that stand tall with roots firmly planted in the cool rich soil, must stand tall and allow the elements of life to change us first from within…and then from without.

This year has been a year of cultivation, a year of persistence, a year of blessings, and a year of gratitude. By the powerful and gracious hand of God I’ve been delivered from uncertainty and I have made my dwelling place is the peaceful land of prosperity. To Him be all the praise and glory.

September 13th will be the first step, in a long journey, towards my Master of Arts degree in Writing. I am ecstatic!! I’ve met a few classmates online, I’ve spoken to the Director of the program on several occasions, and I’ve already gotten an assignment from my professor. As I overlooked the scheduled events I couldn’t help the manifestation of anticipation within myself. Poetry cafes in the city, Grad student BBQs, Public Readings, and an annual Literary Magazine Gala are ALL events that are on my schedule for the next few months. My goal is to optimize each gathering to the maximum capacity so that no rock is left unturned. Meeting as many people who are passionate about writing as I am will only help me build a stronger foundation for my future.

As I reflect on this grand moment, I feel like my life is no where near where I thought it would be but I am so thankful it’s right where it should be. I’ve entered the phase of womanhood gracefully and with wisdom. This decision to go back to school didn’t come to me because I’m insecure that the rest of my friends or family want me to. It’s not because I feel like I’ll be left out of something if I don’t pursue it. It’s because I know in my heart, it’s the best thing for me to do. It will open so many doors for my future, for the future of my family, and for the future of all that God has in store for me. So as I anticipate all that this program has to offer I also take a few moments to breathe in and out slowly…because life is so good.

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