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July 13, 2011

Why do we need another social network? With Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Google talk, Skype, two email accounts, a smartphone, an iPad, and a MacBook I had to sit down and say ‘do you really need another technological construct in your life’?! The answer was simply yes.

Aside from my obsession with technology I do find great purpose in every single device and website I go on. One of my frustrations with Facebook (not throwing shade on you Zucks these are merely EK facts) is it’s lack of exclusivity. I’ve had Facebook from the beginning and it was fun to have a site geared to college students. But now, the woes of capitalism have indeed infiltrated the once socially privatized site. We are bombarded by children and seniors requesting us, games dominating our news feed, spam, businesses creating a ridiculous amount of ads, and detailed blurbs of what people who no life claim they’re doing. NOTHING is secret or sacred. I also hate how its ‘cool’ to have Facebook and I’m flooded with ‘friend’ requests by people I had class with in elementary school and spoke to once while taking the class picture! We’re not friends, you knew me once but really, do you know me now?? No. I believe in compartmentalization and privacy and right now I don’t find that on most sites.

I finally got my Google+ invite hoping it would change my life and as anticipated it has! G+ has amazing features that trump everything most sites have decided to relinquish in attempt to gain users. You can follow people and put them in ‘circles’ (groups) but the best part is they don’t know what group they’re in!! Keeps things organized, exclusive, and productive. You may not want to send a mass message, a post, or status to everyone. Also, for those of us who like the ‘like’ feature on Facebook, Google has given us the +1 feature that allows us to essentially ‘like’ a post on your stream. Finally, and by far one of the most impactful features, no one can see your responses to posts unless they’re in the circle the post was designated for. Now your Mom, your lover, your co worker, and your friends can all be on the same site and you’ll never get in trouble for any misunderstood posts, videos, pictures, or comments. Sounds perfect to me! 😉

Anywho, I dont want to rant…go check out G+ and see for yourself!


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