“Behold I do a NEW thing”: To Be Praised

June 5, 2015

At 15, I began teaching Bible studies for  women. I’ve heard women in the church mourn mistakes they wish someone would have warned them about. I’ve sat with women in college study rooms who wept over reckless sexual behavior and undesired abortions. God has used me in such a special way to be able to truly have a heart for quality of life every woman posses.

Ministering to women has been a growing love and passion. I believe it’s ONE of the things I am called to do in this lifetime. One off Bible studies turned into organizing and developing the first Young Women’s Bible Class in the churches of Christ in the region. This class, which ministers to young women ages 18-31, is an authentic reflection of God’s heart for women. We are all restored. We are all redeemed. We are all still growing in Him daily.

And yet, God is and always has been, the God of increase. I knew, the class was merely one step in a larger staircase. I continued to pray and seek His will in my life and  To Be Praised was there all along, the answer from God. Six months ago, I created an organization to address a need I see in churches and in the world: fellowship among women who are studying God’s Word. Growing up in church, I felt a growing chasm between the women in the church and the women in the Bible. As founder of the organization, please read our mission and vision below. If you’re a woman or you know one, encourage them to check out the site! There’s a strong community of women growing, I pray you find it within yourself to join and learn more about God, yourself and the woman He’s created you to be.

What is To Be Praised?
To Be Praised is a community of women who study the Word together to learn how to become and encourage other women to become a biblical woman worthy of praise and an obedient follower of Christ.

What’s your vision?
Our vision is women across continental, country and state demarcations will unify through the Word of God to create an authentic sisterhood which encourages women to study the Bible and transform their lives into the life of a godly woman who accomplishes God’s will.

What’s your mission?
To Be Praised is committed to the spiritual and leadership development of women through Bible studies, devotionals, event hosting, and small learning communities.

Join over 150 women from across the United States, France and Trinidad in our current Bible Study “Grace Upon Grace”. Don’t forget to sign up with your email address (in the header at to receive the Bible studies in your inbox!

God bless!


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    June 6, 2015 at 9:44 pm

    Happy 6 months!

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      Thank you, LaNeshe!

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