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An Apple a Day

October 6, 2011


At 56, the American genius Steve Jobs passed away the day after Apple Inc. released the highly anticipated iPhone 4S. This was, to the technology community, a significant blow to the future. For years the “80′s baby” generations has clung to the inventions of Jobs and have been his biggest believers and most faithful fans. He was our hero, our visionary, and our encouragement in the midst of a world. Where traditions of old whispered to us limitations and absolutes Jobs was a screaming example of the impossible becoming triumphant. Steve Jobs was one of us; he was a dreamer.

He used to pitch every idea made under Apple Inc. with the phrase “Think different.” Now that the man who taught the world to think differently has passed away, will we forget what he taught us? Will we be content with everything we see or will we, like Apple Inc., try to recreate ourselves and the brands we carry every day? I pray the latter.

The four corners of the world are stretched out far enough that your mind should be likewise. What you see is only as big as you THINK. Cling to good. Shun the bad. Question things, improve them. Be content with simplicity. Live to make an impression. Die to make a statement.

To me, that was the essence of Steve Jobs’ life and I am hoping I’m successful in making it the essence of mine.

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