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2nd Year, Grad School

September 15, 2011

I work, I cook, I am helping foster a 4 year old, I write the bulletin for church, I’m an editor, I tweet, I Facebook, I blog, I workout, I shop for others and myself, I pay bills, I write, I coordinate events for church, I obsess over football and basketball, and I try to maintain relationships with family and friends. Needless to say, like most, I live a VERY busy life. But sprinkle a little grad school on top of that list and this is what you get:

That’s a photo of what my life will look like until December….

 I’m by no means complaining; I’m so blessed to be doing what I love!! But seriously, I’ll need prayer and accountability. My laptop, iPad, binder, planner, 6 books (5 shown but one is on my Kindle app), fav Honey do lipgloss, pens andddd highlighter will be put to FULL use this semester!! I’m taking Creative Non-Fiction, Character and Voice, and a Poetry Workshop. *wipes forehead* I know, I know I’m crazy…trust me I’ve been told!


I want to keep THIS smile on my face before and after every class and assignment because regardless of the stress not only am I blessed, but for the first time ever, I’m completely happy!



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